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Filename Musica-1.0.0-MC1.7.10.jar
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Game Version 1.7.10   +3
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  • Fully featured content pack loading system, which allows users to create new music discs. You can set the display name, artwork, sound file and artist/song name.. You can also give custom records an enchantment glow effect, or give them custom lore!
  • Enchantment: AutoTune - The auto tune enchantment is a weapon enchantment added by the Musica mod. Whenever you damage a mob, it will play a random noteblock sound. When you kill a hostile mob, it will have a very small chance to drop almost any record in the game. This enchantment has four tiers, the higher the tier, the higher chance you have at getting a record drop. This effect also stacks with Looting. 
  • Music Clerk: There is a new villager added by Musica. This villager will be able to trade almost any record in the game with you, and can sometimes have a trade for a jukebox. The house which this villager spawns from is extremely similar to the librarian house, however there is a  record player in place of a crafting table. 
  • Records can be found in various dungeon chests. 
  • Full support for creepers! Musica alters how creepers drop records. Creepers will now drop almost any record in the game, if killed by a skeleton. 
  • Ore Dictionary support. All records added by/through this mod are entered into the ore dictionary, and are added under the same name as vanilla records. 
  • Fully configurable configuration file, including a GUI. The config file allows you to change many aspects about the mod, such as valid dungeon loot locations, ids, and drop rates.