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Music is a simple framework that aims to give users the ability to add their own music discs to their game. This mod is perfect for music lovers, or any server/modpack community. 


How does it work: This mod is a core framework which is required to load content pack files. These content pack files are exactly like resource packs, except they contain a special file which contains some basic data. This data is used by Musica to generate in-game content. You can download these content packs from the internet, or perhaps create your own. You can even share it with your friends! 



  • Fully featured content pack loading system, which allows users to create new music discs. You can set the display name, artwork, sound file and artist/song name.. You can also give custom records an enchantment glow effect, or give them custom lore!
  • Enchantment: AutoTune - The auto tune enchantment is a weapon enchantment added by the Musica mod. Whenever you damage a mob, it will play a random noteblock sound. When you kill a hostile mob, it will have a very small chance to drop almost any record in the game. This enchantment has four tiers, the higher the tier, the higher chance you have at getting a record drop. This effect also stacks with Looting. 
  • Music Clerk: There is a new villager added by Musica. This villager will be able to trade almost any record in the game with you, and can sometimes have a trade for a jukebox. The house which this villager spawns from is extremely similar to the librarian house, however there is a  record player in place of a crafting table. 
  • Records can be found in various dungeon chests. 
  • Full support for creepers! Musica alters how creepers drop records. Creepers will now drop almost any record in the game, if killed by a skeleton. 
  • Ore Dictionary support. All records added by/through this mod are entered into the ore dictionary, and are added under the same name as vanilla records. 
  • Fully configurable configuration file, including a GUI. The config file allows you to change many aspects about the mod, such as valid dungeon loot locations, ids, and drop rates. 



  1. Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed. You can download that here
  2. Download Musica, and place it in the mods folder. Make sure you are using the right profile :)
  3. Download all of the content packs you would like to use, and add them to your resourcepacks folder. 
  4. Launch the game, and open your resource packs list. Find all of the content packs you have installed, and add them in the list of resource packs being used. Order does not matter. 
  5. That's it, you're done. Enjoy your awesome records!


Frequently Asked Question:

Q: How does this mod work on servers?

A: This mod works perfectly fine on multiplayer servers, however all players joining that server (and the server itself) must have forge and this mod installed. This mod does not check which packs users are using, so users may be able to join with additional/missing packs. This will not cause a crash, however it may cause sync errors for the player who has unique data. If you run a server, it's highly recommended that you use this as part of a modpack, and include those content packs in the modpack.

Q: How do I install these packs to my server when the server does not have a resource pack folder?

A: While this may seem odd, you must create a resourcepack folder for the server as well. While the server does not need the sound file or images, it will need the pack to generate the content on the server side of things.

Q: Is it possible to edit these packs? 

A: Of course it is, but only if you are familiar with the pack structure. If you want to add your own records, I recommend looking into making your own pack if you want to add some new content though. 



Modpacks and Distribution

You may redistribute this mod as part of a modpack without asking us for permission as long as the following three conditions are met. 

  • The pack must not be directly used to generate profit. This includes things such as using adfly/adfoc on your pack download, or selling the pack (or access to it). Brand specific merchandise (such as the FTB store) are exempt from this rule. 
  • The pack must provide credit to the authors of this mod on the pack page/site. Please note that Epoxide is NOT the name of the author for this mod, and is just an organization name. The authors of this mod are Darkhax and lclc98. 
  • The pack maintainers must have permission to use every other mod that is distributed within the modpack. 


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