MultiStorage [Fabric]


*** ShetiPhianCore [Fabric] Required! ***

*Indium is also required if you have Sodium installed*


Combine nearly any 2 blocks or items (modded or vanilla) for fully custom storage.

If one block used emits light the crafted item will as well.

Stacking Storage

Stacks up to 3 tall. Each has 27 slots (upgradable).

Connected containers combine contents.


Junk Box

Each drawer is individually accessed and has 32 slots (upgradable).

Only 16 slots are visible at once.


Queue Chest

Items are stored in a large list. Only add/remove from the start or end.

Holds 4096 individual items (upgradable to stacks).


Storage Visualizer

When placed on any container allows add/remove of listed items.

When on a block functions as a simple item frame.

left-click = remove 1 item, shift-left-click = remove stack, right-click = add held stack, empty-hand-double-right-click = add all matching items

shift-right-click = add held stack to filter, empty-hand-shift-right-click = remove held stack from filter


Chameleon Chest

Can mimic other blocks. Has 12 slots (upgradable).

Use wrench to set block quickly (see GIF bellow).


Increase the capacity of containers.

Hold shift with upgrade in hand to high-light applicable containers, right-click to apply.



The Wrench is used to manipulate containers (see GIF bellow).

The Bench is used to craft everything else from the mod.






Submit localization files on github.

Do not post bugs in the comments, use the Issue Tracker.