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This mod is a huge overhaul of the technical aspects of minecraft.

WARNING: This mod in development/alpha state! we know some bugs, and working on the fixes!

If you have some idea for the mod or any suggestion, just leave a comment or join our discord!


bout the mod:

This is a collaboration mod made by Boblovespi and LazTheArtist.
We plan to redesign the whole gameplay of the game with adding new elements or refining vanilla things.


Shortly from the mod:

• Ages: a gameplay change, for example: you cant acces high tech stuff at the start of the game.

• A bunch of new ores and metals, for crafting and other useful things.

• Coins

• 2 higher tier crafting table for more advanced craftings

• Guidebook based on patchouli (explained down below)

• Rocks generated in the world
• Chopping blade and block


And more in the mod's page!


This mod requires Patchouli (by vazkii).


Also try out our friend's mod:




  The webpage is currently under construct! You will not find all the content on thetpage, so           stay tuned!

• MULTI TEAM HUB DISCORD: (You can find other projects in here)

• GITHUB PAGE:, this mod is an open source!)

Modpack policy:
Yes, you can use this mod in modpacks!

• LazTheArtist: 
ideas/models/textures (the main founder)

• Boblovespi: main coding

CheseRoll (SajtosTekercs) : code helping

OroArmor: code helping

• Pasta101: 
• Blobb: 




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