Mr. Pineapple's Food Mod

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📖 About:

Mr. Pineapple's Food Mod is quite simple...

It adds more food! From chocolate to pizzas, this mod will widen the variety of food in the game and hopefully keep Steve happy!

➡️ Download:

This mod should be downloaded from this CurseForge page, or through the launcher. This is the only place that I have personally released it, and any other distribution may be malicious.

ℹ️ Issues:

Issues can be reported on the GitHub repository. Issues that are reported in the comments will not be read. The comments are a place to leave feedback and suggestions, it is not a bug tracker.

👦 Community:

If you would like to talk about this project or any other project that I run, then you can join our discord server which is linked under the banner.

⬆️ Updates/Versions:

I don't want this food mod to become like existing food mods where a bunch of food is added. I would rather focus on one thing (like the pizza aspect), where I create a few things based around either a theme or a concept and develop that, instead of adding a mass ton of crops that won't be used, or just adding food for the sake of adding it.

Which is why there won't be updates every weekend.

For status on updates you can either follow my YouTube or join the Discord where I will post when a new update drops.

⌛ Mod Loader:

This mod is for Forge (and Fabric soon)!


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