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📖 About

Bundled Items is a mod which allows you to bundle 9 items into one. This allows for some simple inventory management, by allowing you to carry more items in one slot. A bundled item will stack to a max of 32, allowing you to store up to, at most 288 items in one slot. Some items bundle together in eights, as they require a bowl or a glass vial, such as the apples, potatoes and snowballs.

⛏ī¸ Recipes

Recipes for items in this mod are very similar. Most of the recipes just consist of nine of the items in a 3x3 crafting grid. However some contain bowls, and vials, recipes can be found below: 


â–ļī¸ Downloads

Any other place that the mod has been released (apart from the Forge version) breaks the licence and should be reported.

ℹī¸ Issues

You can either report issues in the official Discord or on the issues page on GitHub.

đŸ‘Ļ Community

If you'd like to join the discord server and suggest features to implement, help or just hang around you can join here!
My personal discord can be found here.

⌛ Loader

This is the repo for the Fabric version of the mod, I only maintain this version. I do not maintain the Forge version of this mod. Click here for the Forge version.


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