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More Zombies Mod

--- This mod is still under development. Expect bugs and changes ---


-> Finally Support for Minecraft 1.16.5 



This mod adds some interesting zombie-like mobs with custom drops, a new dimension with secrets and ores, a new boss and some cool buff-items.



- 5 new Overworld zombies

- 1 new hellish dimension with 2 new creatures

- 1 new boss you can only summon in this dimension

- Many new items, blocks and ores to craft and explore

- Some special buff-items which grant different potion effects. These are only obtainable for those, who slained the zombie god in his dark dimension


Getting started

The goal is to travel to the dark dimension, kill the zombie god and get some helpful items.

Step 1: Getting to the dark dimension

You may have noticed some new zombie types in the overworld, which can drop special items like Zombie Eyes or Weak Magic Cores. First you need some cobblestone and 2 Zombie Eyes to craft a Bloody Stone which is used to make the portal frame (like the nether portal). To ignite the portal you will need an Eye on a Stick which is crafted with some blaze rods, Weak Magic Cores and again a Zombie Eye. Before you enter the dimension, I would recommend to bring some night vision potions with you, because it's very dark there. You should also be good equiped; there are many strong zombies and some really deadly plants.


Step 2: Summon and kill the Zombie God

To summon the Zombie God you will need a God Totem. This one is more expensive to craft, but once you have it, you can summon the Zombie God by finding a Magical Stone in the dark dimension and right-clicking it with the god totem. Be warned: the god does not like it to be trapped, so he will clear some blocks around his spawn. Then you can fight him, but keep in mind that he is invulnerable to most of the damage. Only directly attacking him with a sword or something might hurt him. Also be aware of special attacks; he can summon zombies to help him, strike lightnings and also know the magic behind the evoker fangs. The god will also get more angry the less life he has. If you manage to kill him, a block will spawn at his death point. Simply break it with you pickaxe and some random rewards will drop.


Step 3: Using the reward to get stronger
From every Rewards of the Gods block you will get 1 God Diamond and other useful stuff. The God Diamond is used to craft different Runes with effects or the Staff of Climbing.


You can also craft the God's gift. In order to offer the God's gift to the gods, you need to build a little altar using a god metal block surrounded by 8 dark rocks
The god metal block needs do see the sky and it has to be night. Then you can offer the God's gift by right-clicking it on the god metal block.
An enchanted book with the Fire Aura enchantment can be dropped from the ritual alongside other valuable items



This mod requires Forge!

Item and recipe viewer mods like Just Enough Items (JEI) are recommended.

This mod was made with MCreator! Feel free to use it in your modpack!