More Wandering Trades

116,135 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 20, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +1




Adds in 15+ New Trades to the Wandering Trader

All Trades are balanced.

Makes the Wandering Trader a feature you can look forward to.



All New Trades for the Wandering Trader:


12 Emeralds for Totem of Undying
10 Emeralds for Skeleton Head
10 Emeralds for Zombie Head
10 Emeralds for Creeper Head
10 Emeralds for Wither Skeleton Head
5 Emeralds for Turtle Egg
1 Emerald for Honey Bottle
1 Emerald for 4x Experience Bottle
1 Emerald for 3x Honey Comb
3 Emeralds for Golden Apple
1 Emerald for 5x Feather
1 Emerald for 5x Gunpowder


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