More Organized Player Menus

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  More Organize Player Menus

latest stable release: MC 1.12.2 v.


(Note: Port to 1.14 is worked on. More features are being worked on as well)


More Organized Player Menus is a new way to organize your world files and server list. With the use of an in game directory menu, users are able to customize their World Selection menu and Server Selection menu by creating folders in which they can sort worlds and servers into. And with the mentioning of worlds being able to be stored in in-game directories, so can directories. With More Organized Player Menus, you are not limited to base line organization, but have the ability to nest directories within each other for deeper organization.

With a robust and easy to use directory menu, organizing worlds and servers becomes a snap. There is no more need for one long list of worlds and servers. Save your time scrolling, and organize your worlds into folders.



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ToDo Version 1.3.1:

- Make directories moveable.

- Contemplating on adding configurations.
- Add lan world support.

ToDo Version 1.3.2:

- Port to 1.14


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