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Ever wanted to have more than just 1 type of Cauldron?

Well... Now you can have more than 1 type.


This mod adds cauldrons for every wood type and stone type.


This mod has Inspirations support in 1.12 (1.16 is still being worked on)!


Inspirations Dyed Water in cauldrons




How do I make the cauldrons generate lava? The lava generation in Sky Factory was done using Inspirations and CraftTweaker scripts using ModTweaker.  If you want it to generate lava you have to make a CraftTweaker script using ModTweakers Inspirations Crafttweaker support, for Cobblestone to Lava you should be able to use this. (Unless you're using the 1.16 version which has no support for that)


This mod was requested by TheEmosewaPixel


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