More Binnie Fixes


UPDATE 2: The amazing Forestry team has revived Binnie's Mods from the grave and brought it forward to the latest version of Forestry (for 1.7.10). In addition my fixes from this mod have been rolled into the official mod as of version 2.0.19. They have likely also taken the BinniePatcher changes as well. I strongly recommend updating to the latest version of Binnie's Mods and removing More Binnie Fixes from your environment (it is not compatible with any of the later versions). This mod will be marked obsolete but left available for download on Curse to support other packs. Big thanks to kordum for his work on Forestry and supporting Binnie's Mods specifically. 


UPDATE 1: Chocohead has applied a fix to the Binnie Patcher sourcecode that will make this mod obsolete in an upcoming release. When that mod releases, this mod will be marked deprecated.


Binnie hates butterflies!


Okay not really, but if you're using Chocohead's Binnie Patcher to bring Binnie's Mods into compliance with Forestry 4.2.x for Minecraft 1.7.10, there are things that don't work quite right. Specifically, turning off the Lepidopterology (butterflies) module in the Forestry config causes the game to crash hard. This is because Binnie's Mods still uses some butterfly-specific items in its own crafting recipes despite the fact that those items are not registered if the module is disabled.


Following the example set by Chocohead, I have created an coremod that uses ASM to replace the offending unregistered items in the Binnie recipes with vanilla diamonds. This is done before Binnie's Mods load, so no exceptions will get thrown.


NOTE: Binnie's Mods and Forestry are requirements for this mod; so is Binnie Patcher since you need it to sync Binnie's Mods with Forestry 4.


This mod is provided without any expectation of support. I will try to answer questions and provide advice for its installation in the comments; also note that the mod is provided without me assuming any liability. I'm not responsible if this code blows up your computer or kills your dog.


You may use this mod in a modpack (CC-BY-NC 4.0), provided you do not claim it as your own work and provide credit to me and a link back to this page, and that you don't monetize the mod or your pack in any way.


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