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Monsters army with advanced AI come to invade.

What is different from InvasionMOD?


  • They have Learning Ability so they can deal with Blocks and Mobs which are added in another MOD.
  • They have Advanced AI so your game will be more exciting.
  • Their equipments become stronger and stronger as the Wave proceeds.
  • You can customize the system,the reward and monsters' equipments flexibly.
  • Some more ideas to reduce lag.


  • Less kinds of monsters.
  • Route searching algorithm is heavier than InvasionMOD (InvasionMOD uses the one same as vanilla. This mod uses original one.)
  • Engineers break and put blocks much more so someone who doesn't want to be broken their structure might not like this mod.



What is Learning Ability? 

  1. Monsters learn hostile (for them) mobs and attack before they are attacked.
  2. Monsters learn dangerous blocks and avoid them.
  3. Monsters learn dangerous areas and avoid them.



They look same as vanilla zombies, but they are faster than vanilla ones. Some of them equip spears.


They look same as vanilla skeletons, but they can shoot arrows to higher or lower place more preciously. Some of them can shoot from 40 blocks far.

3.Zombie Engineer

They look zombies having pickaxes. They can place and break blocks,but they cannot fight anymore.


They are completely same as vanilla Creepers.           sssss......


They shoot stones and TNTs from far place, but cannot move or turn fast. They have much health than others.


They shoot stones and TNTs from far place, but cannot move or turn fast. They have much health than others.


How to begin?

To begin an invasion,you have to craft "Base Block"(one iron block , two iron swords) and "War Declaration Paper"(one paper, one iron sword).

Place Base Block on a place where will be your base and use War Declaration Paper on it.

Then,after searching spawn point, monsters will come to invade.



  • Engineers can break any blocks except unbreakable blocks(ex:bedrock)
  • This mod is laggy when starts
  • Scaffold block will automatically disappear after the war ends.
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR WORLD BEFORE THE WAR BEGIN. Unexpected bugs will appear especially with other mods.
  • If you want to end your war immediately in case of emergency,delete "MRAdata" folder in your world file.



You can change following settings from (game directory)/config/monsterregulararmy.cfg

Difficulty Presets (default:CUSTOM)

  • CUSTOM ... You can configure difficulty in detail.
  • EASY ...  For newbee defender.
  • NORMAL ...  For average defender.
  • HARD ... For experienced defender.
  • VERYHARD ... For experienced defender plus fortress full of lava.
  • INSANE ...  For Flan's mod user.
  • IMPOSSIBLE ... Bring a chest of nukes.
  1. Equipment of monsters.
  2. Awards.
  3. Distance between the base and the spawnpoint of monsters.


... and from (game directory)/config/monsterRegularArmy_Monsters.cfg

Numbers / Spawn rate of specific monsters



The newest recommended version of Minecraft Forge


Volunteers needed!
1. Modding supporter(1~2)
>6month minecraft modding experience
English or Japanese skill
Updating mods , Modeling / Building for new mods
2.Web designer (1~2)
Ability to write mod page in Curseforge
English skill
Write mod pages in Curseforge

For application, please send me Private Message on CurseForge !


Enjoy :D


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