Customizable Artillery MOD

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This is a mod adds artilleries in your Minecraft.


This MOD's crafting system is complicated. See this image.


First, make a basic Barrel with six Iron Ingots.You can expand its caliber(50~300,6 stages)by crafting them lengthways, and make its length(100~1600,16 stages) longer lining them.

Then, craft a Barrel with a Cauldron to make a Cannon.

Optionally, you can craft an auto loader with them.


First, make Tracks with a Iron Block and eight Iron Bars.

Next, make a Carriage with three Iron Pressure Plates(Weighted Pressure Plate) and two Iron Ingots. You can craft improved ones. They can turn the cannons faster.

Then, make a Chassis with a Carriage and two Tracks.

Optionally, you can craft an Engine , and craft with a Carriage and two Tracks when you make a Chassis.


Finally, craft a Cannon and a Chassis to make an Artillery.


You can make your arty harder crafting them with armor plates.

You also can paint it camouflage crafting it with specific 8 items.

  • None Camo : Default design. Craft it with Gray Dyes.
  • Urban : Craft it with Stones.
  • Woodland : Craft it with Leaves.
  • Desert : Craft it with Sands or Sandstones.
  • Snow :  Craft it with Snowballs or SnowBlocks.


This is the relation between the barrel and the performance.

  • With bigger caliber, your arty CAN shoot more and bigger bullets ,but CANNOT reload faster, move faster and precise.
  • With longer barrel, your arty CAN shoot faster bullets and precise, but CANNOT move faster.

Greater carriage enable your arty to move its barrel faster, but NOT itself.

Greater engine enable your arty to move faster, but NOT its barrel.

Thicker armor enable your arty to protect small ,slow entity's attack, but make it slower.

Any camouflage do NOT effect to its performance.


How to use

Completed crafting? Now place it and right-click to ride on.

Press R key to open a GUI to reload ammo, gunpowder and fuel ,and watch information of your arty.

  • Ammo Window : A slot for reloaded ammo items. You CANNOT put items into here directly, but can take items instead.
  • Ammo Slots : Slots for NOT reloaded ammo items. When you put items into here, it will be reloaded Automatically.
  • Gunpowder Window : A slot for reloaded gunpowder. You CANNOT put gunpowder into here directly, but can take them instead.
  • Gunpowder Slots : Slots for NOT reloaded gunpowder. When you put gunpowder into here, it will be reloaded Automatically.
  • Fuel Slot : A slot for fuel items. Arty which has any engine needs fuel. Every item which is able to be burned in the furnace can be fuel for it.
  • Info : Information of this arty.

Right-click riding the arty to shoot. You can shoot ANY BLOCKS , and ANY ITEMS (Entities) which are able to be ejected by dispensers , including MOD-added items.

ex) TNT Arrows Firecharge Creeper(Using mob eggs) Lava(Using lava in a bucket) Stone Fence BambooSpear(by BambooMod) Shells(by ShellMod) and other...

I recommend to use my ShellMOD (-> with this. Of course, you can shoot shells with arty!!



Minecraft Forge needed.


  • TIPS
  • More / bigger bullets will be ejected slower than less/smaller bullets.
  • Mobs (zombies, sheeps, wolves etc... and maybe mod-added mobs) can drive and shoot arty.
  • Arty can ride on Minecart.
  • Arty is treated as animals, so they get potion effect.
  • Arrows ejected by arty have damage depends on its speed when ejected.
  • TNTs can be used instead of gunpowder.
  • You can decorate banners and paints as "Symbols"
  • Bigger / faster entities damage effectively to armored arty.
  • Armor cannot decrease fire and lava damage.
  • Even if driver's seat is covered by armor, you can hit drivers; the damage will be decreased however.
  • Instant Health splash potion is good for regen of arty's health.
  • Arty can be named using nametag.
  • You can make a building by ejecting blocks from arty. It needs many gunpowder though.
  • New gunpowder recipe is added. This recipe can be disabled from config.


-Vanilla recipe book sucks

-Blocks ejected sometimes disappear; Shooting diamond blocks is not recommended.

Further updates (maybe)

-Add stationary cannon

-Make more cool model

-Multi-barrel cannon (will look like massive mini-gun!)



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