Modular Machinery

3,074,859 Downloads Last Updated: May 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

A modpack-maker toolset to create custom, massive, unique and complex machines and recipes from scratch with JSON.


The mod includes decorative casings and tiered, configurable tiers of item/fluid/energy input/output buses/hatches to allow for the creation of big multiblock machinery like Gregtech's Implosion Compressor, Vacuum Freezer, ... and whatever you might imagine.


The mod is intended as toolset for modpack makers and not meant to be just thrown into a pack and not modified at all. Adjust/Add/Remove recipes and machines to fit the pack you're creating!



The mod also comes with 3 pre-defined machines and a couple of recipes that are meant as examples to show how recipes and machines can be defined and how the result of that then looks like.


Planned Features:

- Expand the RecipeAdapter system to allow for more things than just the minecraft furnace-recipes and allow for more customization of said adapters

- Extend Input-checks to check for specific NBT-tags

- Extend Output-definitions to allow to set specific NBT-Tags on output items



- Modular Diversity




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