Vault Hunters 3rd Edition



Vault Hunters is an RPG based modpack focusing around the mysteries and dangers of a dimension called The Vault. It features many Vault Hunters specific items and mobs, like armor, weapons, totems, currency and bosses.
Players can develop their own talents and abilities while trying to achieve the goal of collecting all the 25 unique artifacts to unlock the final challenge!
Do you have what it takes?

Vault Hunters Third Edition now also support a skyblock playthrough called Sky Vaults!

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  • Visit the Curseforge website and download the version appropriate for your computer
  • Open the installer and follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  • Launch Curseforge and login (you will need a Twitch account to do so)
  • Find Minecraft in the "Choose a Game" list and follow the instructions to set up a modding folder
  • Follow this link to download and install the modpack
  • Important: Click the cog to open settings, navigate to Minecraft and adjust the "Allocated Memory" slider to 8192 MB
  • In the "My Modpacks" list, find Vault Hunters and click play
  • Once Minecraft is open, click the dropdown on the left of the play button and select Vault Hunters
  • Click play to start your adventure!

Vault Hunters starts off like almost any other Minecraft Modpack. Punch a tree, make some tools, collect some food and dig down to find resources. The resources you are looking fore are more rare and let you get started on your vault adventures: Raw Chromatic Iron and Vault Stone. With these items you can craft your very own Vault Altar and place a Vault Rock on top. Each Vault Rock demands a different set of items, which you need to feed to the altar in order to complete your Vault Crystal. Once completed - supply the altar with a redstone signal and craft your Vault Portal to get started on your very first adventure!

The Vault is a random procedurally generated dungeon. Despite being a risky, scary and deadly dimension, it is filled to the brim with loot and riches. As you level up, the Vault becomes more challenging... but also more rewarding!

Vault Hunters features a complete unique set of Vault Gear, Tools (like swords, axes and pickaxes), currency and dozens of unique items that are related to the game.
It has a complete overhaul of Vanilla Gear and enchantments to create a better scale with the additional Vault Gear.

Additional custom mobs and bosses to encounter and fight inside the Vault.

Vault Hunters has a big multiplayer aspect that can be used to play with friends, like running vaults together or sharing mod research,

Mod unlocking. The more you progress in Vault Level, the more you progress in the game. Using mods is locked behind research, meaning you have to research mods to e.g. improve farms with additional modded items. 

A Sky Vault map! Like the extra challenge of starting on a sky island? Not being able to dig for the altar requirements? The Vault is where you will find what you need..!