Modular Item Frame




Modular Item Frame is heavily inspired by SuperCraftingFrame (spiritual successor?) 


Modular Item Frame adds just one block: Modular Frame. Placing it will create an empty frame.

Placed Frames can be fed with different modules. Currently there are the following:


  • Item: regular item frame? (can be placed on the floor on ceilling)
  • Nullify: deletes stack in hand (shift+right click to get the last one back) - can also make a chest/tank/energy cell act as a trash can
  • Tank: a small tank you can store liquids in
  • Teleport: Link two of those to travel inbetween
  • Crafting: set up a recipe, then right click to craft - pulls items out of player inventory or attached chest
  • Dropper: drops items out of attached inventory - range can be extended (so you can pull through walls)
  • XP: Store your experience
  • Vacuum: picks up items from the ground and feeds them to attached inventory


There is also a screwdriver, which has 2 modes to interact with frames:

Remove: removes module of a frame, returning the item

Interact: interact with frames

  • teleport: shift+right click to set first location - right click on the second to establish connection
  • tank: set I/O mode
  • dropper: set range
  • crafting: reopen the gui
  • item: spin the item
  • xp: I/O mode



Planned features:

Tool module: uses a tool/sword

Vacuum module: pulls nearby item into attached inventory

Barrel module: you know what a barrel is ;)

privacy option: because the screwdriver takes only 2 canvas you will always sit on the remaining 2, so i thought I'll add something like a privacy sticker (made out of 2 canvas obv), which you can stick on a frame to deny other players access. This is probably very niche but still ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Requires LibrarianLib 4.12 to run!


Thank you so much SWdragonboy for the textures!!!

I hope you guys like them as much as i do :)