Modular Assembly


Modular Assembly is an addon for Modular Machinery. It makes it easy for players to assembly modular machines with one click.


This mod provides two functions: 


1. When the player takes a blueprint and right clicks on it to the controller, it will be placed directly into the controller if it does not contain a blueprint.

2. When the controller can be right-clicked with a special item (by default a wooden stick, configurable under the profile) and the modular machine contains the corresponding blueprint, it will consume the blocks on it to build in survival mode and the build location cannot have air or blocks other than the corresponding structure and will consume time (configurable under the profile), in creativity mode it will build instantly and if the build location has If there are blocks in the way, it will simply replace the corresponding blocks.


Of course, if you also have a Modular Controller installed, you can simply right-click on the corresponding controller and build it with one click, without the need for the corresponding blueprint.


Only MM1.1.x version and above are supported. 


default support


MoC support