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When I first played Minecraft, it annoyed me that most mobs in Minecraft have not enough drops(why can't cows drop bones?) or doesn't have a meat(why can't you eat horse?) so I decided this would be my mod. Then I had another idea, where is salt? Minecraft is semi-setup to be in the Medieval era. Here, salt was more important than ever, people became rich by mining it. But most salt mods didn't have a more important part: brine filters, because most people took water from the sea and filtered it through brine filters to get brine(a very high concentrated salt water) then they boiled it and got salt. After I wanted to mod Minecraft, these thoughts left my brain and into reality. 


This mod adds meat drops to some mobs. There is salt, which is another major feature to this mod. You can get this by filtering water to get a bucket of brine using a brine filter(by right-clicking), then you smelt it to get a bucket of salt. Then you put it in a crafting table and you get salt. You use salt on most non-fish meats to improve its quality. Also there is biomatter which is used to craft many items including spawn eggs.


Newest Versiona:


1.0.0_Beta Two (1.14.4)

1.0.0_Beta Two (1.15.2)



There is full English and limited Spanish support. If you want to help with Spanish then by all means, comment!


Minecraft Forum Page.



A Mod Review by AudreyBrick (in Spanish)




Can I put Mo'Drops in a modpack?


Yes! Just don't take credit for my work and if there is a modlist Mo'Drops has to be on it. (You don't have to make a modlist)


To Do

Add more meats

Add more spawn egg recipes

Add more to the config

Add a way to make biomatter without a crafting table.



List of mobs that their drops have changed:


Villagers- 0-1 bones, 1 villager nose, 1-2 raw villager and 1-3 emeralds added.

Horses- 0-1 bones and 1-2 raw horse meat added

Sheep - 0-1 bones added.

Pigs - 0-1 bones added

Cows - 0-1 bones added.

Squids - 1-4 raw calamari added.

Zombie Pigmen - 0-1 rotten flesh, 0-1 bones added.

Endermen 25% chance of 1-2 raw ender meat.




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