Configurable Villager to Door Ratio

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New Village Generator

  • Adds mesa villages
  • Adds doors to small houses.
  • Makes only farmers spawn in wood huts, used be any type of villager.
  • Farms, small houses and wood huts spawn much more in villages.
  • Allows for two of any type of building (meaning there can be 0-2 churches instead of 0-1, etc)
  • Add torches to library and wood huts.
  • Adds pigs to butcher's shops.

If you a fan of villagers or trying to make a villager farm, you know the annoying 3 door-houses per villager to make them breed. I wanted a mod that could change this to a more reasonable number. But I found only one mod and it was for 1.7.10. I then decided to make the mod myself. This small mod allows you to change the amount of doors (the ratio) for villagers to breed. No more 3 door-houses per villager! It is by default one door-house per villager. However in the config you can change this. If you want you can have the villagers trying to breed up to 45 of them for only one door-house!


This mod:

Allows you to decide how many villagers can breed per house.

Allows the villagers to have twins (Configurable)

Allows for a 1/3 chance for the villagers to remain willing after breeding. (Can be enabled or disabled) 

The config file!

Allows to use a slightly better village generator, (adds doors to small houses + more small houses, fields and wood huts)

# Configuration file

general {
# Set this to true if you want a chance(1/3) that villagers to be willing to mate again after mating. [default: true]
B:"Mate Again"=true

# Set this to the chance for the villagers to have twins. Set to 0 if you want to disable this. [range: 0 ~ 100, default: 3]
I:"Twin Chance"=3

# Set this to the number of villagers per door. Unmodded: 0.35(almost 3 doors for one villager), Mod Default: 1.0 (one door per villager)
D:"Villagers per Door"=1.0


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