A mod that makes it easier to mixin into other mods.
This is a library mod, and does nothing by itself.


Mixin into other mods to modify their doing is not possible because they're not loaded yet at the stage mixins are applied.

With this, you can easily modify your mixin.json to require the pre-load of a mod, allowing your mixins to work!


For users, this is just a library-mod that is required by other mods.

How to Use
1. Download the mod and put it inside your mods folder.

1. Setup a basic forge-mod project with mixins. Click here for a gradle buildscript example.
2. Create a new folder inside your resources folder called modmixins. (/resources/modmixins/)
3. Put your mixins json files inside that folder.
4. Add to your mixin json a new key-value named `mods` that accepts an array of mod-ids that it will require to work. Click here for a mod mixin example.
5. Done!