More Creeps And Weirdos Revival

4,327 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 1, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

-This is still in Beta and may not have all the original stuff in it yet!-


-Requires FORGE!-



Please head over to our discord for any questions or to report your bugs: Discord!



The mod still has quite a bit of mobs to bring back, but so far we have:


Here is EVERYTHING that is done so far with the mod.

-Baby Mummy
-Big Baby
-Black Soul
-Bubble Scum
-Castle Critter
-Castle Guard
-Castle King
-Dig Bug
-Evil Creature
-Floob Ship
-Goo Donut
-Goo Goat
-Guinea Pig
-Lawyer from Hell
-Pyramid Guardian
-Sneaky Sal
-Rat Man

-Arm Sword
-Zebra Helmet
-Zebra Boots
-Zebra Body
-Zebra Legs
-Baby Jar Empty
-Baby Jar Full
-Blorp Cola
-Earth Gem
-Fire Gem
-Gem Sword
-Guinea Pig Radio
-Healing Gem

-Ray Gun
-Ray Ray
-Shrink Ray



The original creater of this mod hasn't been onto the Minecraft forums in almost a year, and hasn't spoken about More Creeps since 2017. This mod was apart of mine and many young modders childhoods, so we decided to try our hand at bringing it back.


Our thread: click

Original thread: click

Twitter: click

Patreon: click





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