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More Creeps And Weirdos Revival

More Creeps & Weirdos Revival is a mod that adds so many wacky fun characters into your game. Some will make you laugh, while some will have you running for your lives!


While you're exploring your world with this mod, you'll meet so many new faces! Including a giant baby, Sneaky Sal (who doesn't take politely to scammers!), Blorps, who hate each other, but if you kill them they'll drop some yummy blorp cola!


There's Guinea Pigs and Hot Dogs, who you can tame and they will risk their lives to protect you! You can level them up, give them armor, and once they reach their max levels, they'll build you a beautiful Guinea Pig Hotel or a Hot Dog Heaven! (Of course, they'll be filled with goodies for your pets!)


You may also come across some new structures, a Pyramid spawns on beaches or in desert areas, and is filled with bedrock! The only way to get rid of the bedrock in these Pyramids is to go through the maze and kill the mummy at the end. There's also a Battle Castle, which has multiple floors of goodies, but be careful! There's gonna be guards trying to protect the king from you! You'll have to fend yourself off as you fight your way to the top, and if you collected all the gems in the castle and defeat the king, then you will get a beautiful gem sword!


There's so many more, this mod was originally created by freakstritch, who has gave us permission to work on this 1.12.2 revival of his mod. This mod was a childhood fan favorite for so many of us, and I'm sure it looks familiar to a bunch of you. If you want to meet some of our devs, including freakstritch who is sticking around to check on our 1.12.2 version, join the discord! 



freakstritch has also shown his own personal interest of a 1.19.2 version and if you'd like to hear about any of those updates and be apart of the community, click above!


Original More Creeps & Weirdos: click