Modern UI

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Modern UI by Icyllis Milica



Modern UI can create fancier guis than vanilla's with better appearance, animations, font renderer and optimization, which is mainly used for other mods as a library, to make them modular, dynamic and more convenient to use. Additionally, by default, it adds simple and clean style user interfaces that replace and improve vanilla's menu or guis and also include some utility functions. It's welcome to provide your design and suggestions to help me improve the mod.


Features: (1.x version)

  • Provide animation effects and smooth transitions.
  • Use shaders to draw rounded rectangle, circle, ring easily.
  • Reduced CPU computation and increased GPU performance.
  • GUI scale limit was removed and the algorithm was changed.

(Functions or contents that this mod adds to vanilla)

  • Cleaner sidebar in-game menu, blur world renderer, and hide crosshair.
  • Smooth scroll window for game settings / options / statistics.
  • Divide "items" statistics into items and blocks tab, and all stats can be updated in real time.
  • All slider options only apply changes when you stop dragging. (eg. reduced lag when changing render distance)
  • More intelligent keybinding setting, and more smart key conflicts detection.
  • Keybindings search function and filter all conflicts and locate to them.
  • Mouse cursor will be changed to I-beam shape when moved into a text field / text area.


Additional Features:

  • Gui screen background fade in animation
  • Gui screen background bilinear blur effect
  • New rendering style for tooltips
  • All features are configurable in configs
  • Auto shutdown server
  • Improve gui scale setting (Slider widget, More appropriate values, Not limited to even numbers)


Font Engine:

  • Draw all fonts smoothly on any scale (like when you're away from a sign, or a very small text in gui)
  • Use any font installed on your computer or in resource pack, configurable font size
  • Better text layout, more bidirectional text friendly (like Arabic, Yiddish)
  • Support combining characters rendering, like Thai, Devanagari, Bengali, Tamil
  • Support grapheme cluster break, context aware and locale-based word break and line break
  • High definition, support up to 4K resolution rendering
  • Smooth rendering for fast changing numbers, support emoji rendering
  • Support high level mipmap texture, anti-aliasing
  • Increase your FPS by about 10% when drawing texts in GUI
  • Use grayscale pixels to store texture, reduce GPU memory usage
  • Reduce unnecessary RAM usage and greatly reduce object creation


Screenshots (2.0+):

compare sign text

Fps CompareArabic renderchinese 3x renderentity font renderHindi Render


Screenshots: (outdated 1.x version)

video settingresource packs settingblock statsitem statsexit popup


Mod Integration:

Compatible and Highly Recommended Mods:

  • OptiFine (latest: OptiFine 1.17.1 HD U H1 pre7) (Remember to turn off Fast Render)

Mods with similar functions are replaced:

  • Blur (ver: 1.15, 1.16; reason: full functional coverage, better optimization)
  • Controlling (ver: 1.15; reason: another way of implementation)
  • TipTheScales (ver:1.15, 1.16; reason: another way of implementation)



Q: There's an error related to outdated Java versions/or my game crashed due to outdated Java versions.
A: Since 2.0, Java 1.8.0_201 is required, Java 11.0.9 or above is recommended.

Since 2.4.4, it will show a warning rather than crashing game.

Since 2.6.0, Java 11 or above is required. Since 3.0, Java 16 or above is required.

Whatever game launcher you are using you must ensure it use the Java Runtime Environment you updated rathen than the built-in one or auto-download one. You can get LibericaJDK.


Q: There's an error about graphics environment (unsupported OpenGL version)

A: Since 2.0, OpenGL 4.3 is required. Since 3.0, OpenGL 4.5 (or all its ARBs) is required.

OpenGL is a cross-platform graphics API which is used by Minecraft. Modern UI includes an OpenGL rendering pipeline based on OpenGL 4.5.

OpenGL graphics environment is prodived by your operating system, dedicated graphics card (video card) and graphics driver (video driver). If any of these requirements cannot be met, there will be an error. You need to make sure you have a dedicated graphics processor selected for Java applications and the latest graphics card drivers.

For macOS users, there's no good way to solve this, macOS stopped OpenGL support at version 4.2. The hardware of MacBook is usually not suitable for playing games. You can try Zink over MoltenVK over Metal.


Q: Is this mod a client-only mod? Do I need to install it on the server?

A: Modern UI for Minecraft has many features. You should know that there are two interaction models. One is the local, and the other is the client/server. If any mod that is using Modern UI as a dependency for the client/server interaction model, then Modern UI is required on the server side. So Modern UI can be installed only on the client side or only on the server side, but generally needs to be installed on the both side. It depends on your needs.

Q: Will there be a Fabric version or other versions?
A: Hardly. It's hard to maintain Fabric version since it's a lightweighted API. And you can't keep any other release versions compared to this official one on curseforge without my explicit permission.

Q: How to get start to develop my mod based on Modern UI?
A: This project is still in early stages. The specification is still being written. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord server.

Q: Will there be a backport to 1.14.4 or older version?
A: No. They are obsolete. I will not provide maintenance and support for any outdated game versions.


Modpacks: Feel free to include this mod in any modpack as long as you don't redistribute this mod in the name of it.


Issues: All issue reports should go to GitHub Page.


Join my Discord Server for discussion and suggestions.