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Mobvotes Sniffer

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This mod contains the Sniffer from the Minecraft mob vote 2022.
It will go sniffing around, will lay eggs after mating and will burrow its head and dig out some seeds.
It can be tempted with flowers.


You can bred them only every 10-15 minutes with seeds.
They can sniff out seeds from the ground every 5 minutes.

They are not the fastest animal, but they are ridable,

can carry up to 6 players at a time and can be used on the water too.

They can only be riden after you put a saddle on them and hold  a flower in your hand.


Sniffer eggs can be found in the chests of the underwater ruins.

They don't spawn naturally right now, but you can change that:

 - for the fabric version there is a config to make them spawn in biomes

 - for forge version you can use the biome modifier json file and biome tag json to change the spawn settings.

The mod will still get some updates to resemble the original more.
Feel free to let me know your ideas about this mob in the comments on my curseforge page.