YDM's Allay

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YDM's Allay for Forge/Fabric

Open the files tab to download the version you need.


In the v4.0.0 version this mod changed drastically based on the original 1.19 allay mob.
If you liked the older version of this mod better then please send me a message on curseforge.


Get the Allay to your game.
You can find them in the Flower Forest.
They will try to search for the given items around the player in a 32 block radius.
-Allays naturally regenerate 2♥ per second if damaged

-they glow in dark
-after the allay collects a stack of item it will go back to drop them off
-they can't hold and search for items that have a max stack size of 1


The difference between this mod and the original allay in 1.19 is:
-can be tempted with cookie, disc, jukebox and noteblock
-can be dyed
-have 2 different model to choose from and can be selected by changing the model value to 0 or 1 in the config.
-can spawn only in biomes so if you want them to spawn in a minecraft or another mods biome
You have to change the biome_name line in the common config:
For example to:
biome_name = "modid:name_of_the_biome"

To let it spawn in more biomes you have to put a comma (,) between the biome names like this:
biome_name = "modid:name_of_the_biome,minecraft:desert,minecraft:forest"
(You have to restart the game to let the config changes happen)


(I didnt put them in cages because i dont wanted to change the world generation with structures if you want it in that way i will make another version where they can spawn in the original way)


The v4.0.0 is very different from the older versions so if you find any errors please let me know!

Thanks for downloading my mod and feel free to share you opinion in the comment section.


The 1.19 version doesn't have a spawn config.