Mo'Blocks [Fabric]

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Mo'Blocks is a simple mod that adds random decorative and useful blocks.

Currently being worked on by KiroTheBlueFox, Mo'Blocks adds various blocks to the game, such as ramps, archs or even pillars !


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Mo'Blocks forge version is at Mo'Blocks - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge


v0.8.1 Changelog : 

Addition :
 - Particles spawn around ink blocks (similar to crying obsidian)

v0.8.1 Changelog : 

Addition :
 - A new decorative block : the ink block (can be colored too)
Bug fixes :
 - Fixed a bug where your character was getting stuck when trying to sit

v0.8 changelog :

Additions :
- Potion Shelves
- Kitchen Counters
- Lamps :
    - Lava lamps (colorable)
    - Sirens (colorable)
    - Rainbow Blocks (with different speeds)
    - Neon Blocks (colorable)
    - Glowing Neon Blocks (colorable)
    - Signal Tower Lights (not colorable)
    - Eyeball Lamp (For AsianHalfSquat to thank him for showing my mod)
    - Candle lights are now colorable too

Changes :
- Instead of sending a message in the chat when you sneak + right click on an item in a bookshelf or such, it now shows a tooltip like in the inventory
- Books in bookshelves no more have a random size

Bug Fixes :
- Candle particles didn't show up properly
- Books disappeared from the bookshelves on chunk/world load

- Sitting on chairs and sofas was completely glitched


Be Careful :

Optifine doesn't like Mo'Blocks, as it adds thousands and thousands of models and optifine doesn't appreciate that


I really hope this mod will be appreciated !
Any feedback, critic, custom block requests/suggestions or anything else is welcomed !


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