Mob Suppressors

209 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

Tired of Endermen teleporting around?

Tired of Creepers destroying your base?

Tired of Zombies knocking on your door?


Well, Mob Suppressors is the mod for you! Mob Suppressors adds blocks that suppress hostile mobs' special abilities while they are active. All it costs to run them is a piece of fuel in the form of that mob's drops every 45 seconds (900 game ticks).


Getting Started

First of all you will need a Nether Star. Once you have one you can start the construction of your Suppression Altar. The Altar is a multiblock structure that consists of a 3x3 ring of Suppression Pedestals with a Suppression Altar Core in the middle and on top of the core a Suppression Tower.

Completed structure:

Pedestal Recipe:

Tower Recipe:

Core Recipe:


Once construction is complete right-click your nether star onto the Suppression Tower. To make a Mob Suppressor right-click the items on the outside of the recipe onto the Suppression Pedestals and the centre item of the recipe onto the Suppression Tower. A single Nether Star will be able to craft 10 suppressors before breaking and needing to be replaced.

Altar Recipes:

Ender Suppressor: (Corners: Obsidian, Edges: Ender Rod, Middle: Eye Of Ender)


Creeper Suppressor: (Corners: Stone, Edges: Dynamite, Middle: Creeper Head)


Zombie Suppressor:  (Corners: Block Of Flesh, Edges: Sausage, Middle: Zombie Head)


Crafting Items:

Ender Rod:


Dynamite (cannot be thrown or explode):


Block Of Flesh:

Like Block Of Iron but with Rotten Flesh.


Known bugs:

Any mob head can be used in Creeper and Zombie Suppressor recipes.


*Notice*: 1.12 version is cancelled and I may incorporate ideas from this mod into future mods.


GitHub Repo: Mob Suppressors - 1.11.2


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