Mob Scarecrows

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Mob Scarecrows







Scarecrows and Plushies!

Use these to keep hostile mobs away from your home or draw them in.



  • Cat: Scares Creepers
  • Wolf: Scares Skeletons
  • Iron Golem: Scares Zombies, Attracts Slimes
  • Pigeon: Scares Spiders
  • Snow Golem: Scares Blaze
  • Axolotl: Scares Enderman
  • Villager: Attracts Passive Mobs
  • Pillager: Scares Passive Mobs and Villagers
  • Copper Golem: Attracts Villagers
  • Zombified Piglin: Scares Piglins and Zoglins
  • Golden Pig: Attracts Piglins
  • Rabbit: Scares Ravagers
  • Steve: Attracts Hostile Mobs
  • Chicken: Scares Silverfish
  • Zombie: scares villagers into making iron golems, and scares rabbits
  • Piglin: scares Hoglins
  • Scarecrow: scares all hostile mobs


For the plushies & statues it scares all variants of its specific mob E.g. : Spider includes Cave Spider

Mob Scarecrows scare mobs in an 8 block radius.

This radius can be changed via the config.


The scarecrows affect modded entities, however due to they way some mods add their entities they may not interact exactly how you expect in some rare cases.


And YES the plushies do make cute squeaky sounds!


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Q: Will you make this for forge?

A: No.


Q: Can you make this for 1.X.X?

A: I will be keeping the mod updated but I will not be backporting.


Q: Can I make a review for your mod?

A: Yes! and please send me the link.


Q: Can I add this to my modpack?

A: Yes! But please only use CurseForge for the modpack as other sites do not give proper credit to creators.


Q: Will you add compatibility with X?
A: Most modded entities are affected by the scarecrows and if they are not then I am likely aware of these mobs and and may or may not add specific compatibility with those mobs in the future.