Probably Chests




[Fabric Mod] 

Requires Cloth Config and GeckoLib




Pet Mimics




So Much More (check the wiki)


Known issues: Revamped Phantoms (phantoms interacting with mimics crashes the game)

The mod Pekhui can cause mimics to be unresponsive (Will hopefully be fixed in the next update)


NOTE: If you are running into a crash Probably Chests is incompatible with geckolib 3.0.70 and up. Any version BELOW should be fine


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Q: Will you make this for forge?

A: No.


Q: Can you make this for 1.X.X?

A: I will be keeping the mod updated but I will not be backporting.


Q: Can I make a review for your mod?

A: Yes! and please send me the link.


Q: Can I add this to my modpack?

A: Yes! But please only use CurseForge for the modpack as other sites do not give proper credit to creators.