Mob Ropes

17,406 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

This is a simple mob capture and transportation mod, aimed to be less cheaty than the Golden Lassos of old. This mod is Fabric only, with no plans for Forge ports.

The basic tier of rope, the Golden Rope, allows capturing and carrying passive mobs; however, carrying a mob will drain the item's durability.

Durability is drained at a rate of 1 per 5 seconds, with 20 durability total, giving you just under 2 minutes of uninterrupted mob carrying at full durability. At 1 durability, the mob will be automatically released. It takes around a minute for the item to get back to full durability, but you may capture mobs at any durability level.

Right-clicking a block with an occupied rope will put the mob down at that position. Right clicking while sneaking without a valid block target will put the mob down at your current position.

Other kinds of ropes this mod offers include:

  • Water Rope: 2x slower durability drain, only captures water animals
  • Diamond Rope: No durability drain, captures land and water animals
  • Emerald Rope: 2.5x slower durability drain, only captures villagers
  • Hostile Rope: 1.5x slower durability drain, only captures hostile mobs, does half a heart of damage per durability tick
  • Creative Rope: No durability drain, may capture any entity (except players), uncraftable

Crafting recipes

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