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Your favorite biome mods are getting a life-filled upgrade!

While playing biome mods like BOP and BYG, have you ever noticed that some biomes just... needed some life? Well, I have, and you too apparently, since you're here! This mod aims to create vanilla-styled mobs that fit into the environments of BYG, BOP, and later, cinderscapes, first focusing on modded nether biomes, which severely need some mob love, and then going to some overworld mobs later on!


More Details: Each mob has been tailored to fit into the biomes where you find them, and have items that will fit into the world of your minecraft modpack, but don't worry about item-clutter, as the new items are kept to a minimum, and mobs only get them if needed. Want to edit the attributes of a mob's spawning? Well, you can use our comprehensive config file to disable them entirely or set a different spawn weight! Note: Byg, Bop, and Cinderscapes will have separate installations so that players can choose which mod's to use/not use!

Mobs So Far:
Crystalline Chasm (BOP) -

- Crystalline Slime - This fella hops around the crystal caverns, and with its rose quartz spikes, it has good protection from the elements. Don't worry, as these slimy foes don't split on death, although the tradeoff for such a convenience is increased health and thorns damage to anything that hits it. On death it drops Rose Quartz Shards and Rose Gelballs, craftable into a Rose Gel Block, which functions as another slime block type, but one that deals damage when you move on top of it.

Visceral Heap (BOP) -

- Jawbreaker - This gargantuan set of dentures is mad and out to chew you up and spit you out if you come onto its fleshy turf. With chomping hops and a deadly charge attack (you can stun it when it charges by using a shield) this beast is not to be messed around with. Its teeth, however, are a good reward for their challenging defeat, as they can be crafted into a number of items. Who knows, a jawbreaker may even drop something that isnt a tooth every once and a while ;)

More mobs to come in the future!

That's all for now, and happy adventuring!
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