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18,289 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 1, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

NOTICE: We are Currently updating to 1.19 but it will take a while as we are doing a total revamp and we want everything to be done perfect and better than before


Welcome to Mo' Features! 

A mod Made for every playstyle


Mo' Features is a mod that adds more features to Minecraft, We add some features that should be a part of vanilla and we also add some features that we enjoy! We try to update the Mod every month but sometimes there is a little longer between versions!


V11 Requires TerraBlender to load: TerraBlender



Common Questions:

Q: Does Mo' Features have dependencies?

A: Yes! Version 11-1.8.1 requires TerraBlender to load


Q: Can I suggest a feature?

A: Yes! You can suggest a feature by leaving a comment, or by contacting us on discord/curse forge


Q: How do I report a bug?

A: You can report bugs in the Issues tab at the top


Q: Is there a way to get Deleted Features back?

A: There are 2 ways to get removed features back, 1) play in a version with the features! 2) download the Deleted Features mod alongside Mo' Features


Q: Is there a place I can research the mod's features?

A: At the moment there isn't but we are working on a way and should have something soon



You can now report bugs or suggest features in the issues tab!


  • Update 1) We added fruit cows and more fruits
  • Update 2) We added more color to planks and bricks
  • Update 3) We added a new biome and lots of little things
  • Update 4) We added lots of random features
  • Update 5) We added a few little things but mainly fixed bugs
  • Update 6) We updated to 1.17 and added a few 1.17 features, we also released versions v6.5 and v6.7 to fix bugs
  • Update 7) We added configs and also some more little features (this is the most current update)
  • Update 8) This is a big bug fix update that is out for 1.18 and 1.18.1, We have also added some new blocks/items. Check the file for patch notes
  • Update 9) This update brings a total to revamp to most features you know, This means texture to blocks and some features have also been removed!
  • Update 10) Add loads of new ores and some new armors to the game, Explore the caves to see what's new!
  • Update 11) We fixed loads of bugs and made a lot of changes to features of Mo






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