Mo' Creatures

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Filename DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod-8.0.0.devA.jar
Uploaded by DrZharky
Uploaded Apr 23, 2015
Game Version 1.8
Size 20.58 MB
Downloads 184,274
MD5 8f445946f4267c17f81e3eb625fd6391
Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions


-werewolves will receive higher damage from items / weapons with 'silver' in the unlocalized name or name of the material. They won't receive extra damage from gold weapons
-werewolves won't complain as much when transforming from human to werewolf form
-improved werewolves moving speed when hunched

-improved dolphin riding code
-turtle swimmimg animation improved
-piranhas move as a herd and attack differently
-deers will jump when fleeing from entities
-horses can also get ready to breed by feeding them a golden carrot
-turtles / bunnies will not receive damage when riding a player
-updated ogre attack animations
-improved minigolem / golem throwing stone accuracy
-added three more crab textures
-foxes now spawn cubs that follow adults and flee from players
-improved maggot animation
-improved ant food picking behavior
-added female turkeys
-ents now plant all the flower varieties
-added bear attack animation
-decreased frequency of goat bleets
-wraiths do not collide with entities, added attack animation
-skeletons, silver skeletons and zombies can now ride scorpions and wild wolves as well as mob horses
-MoCreature inventories can be opened by interacting with the creature while sneaking (right click while pressing shift). The MoCreatures 'keys' are no longer obtained by adding a chest to a creature and the crafting recipe was removed.
-Improved elephant animations
-Synchronized wyvern wing flapping animations / sounds. The wing flap depending on the flight speed when ridden.
-Added transform animation to Wyverns
-Changed wyvern speed, health, attack damage so the 2nd tier wyverns are significantly better
-Sharkteeh can now be converted into bonemeal
-fixed weapon damage and enchanteability
-added Pet scorpion sitting behavior / animation
-added transform animation to scorpions
-Pet scorpion health boosted to 40 (from 18)
-added wyvern ghosts
-increased Horse health, Horse speed
-Tamed Zebras shuffle again
-The nightmare burning effect last less than before
-added Rusian localization

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