Mo' Creatures

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Filename DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod-8.1.3.jar
Uploaded by DrZharky
Uploaded Aug 11, 2016
Game Version 1.8.1
Size 21.27 MB
Downloads 144,616
MD5 c57cee8cb30adfcbbbf811236b2d2261
Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions


[8.1.3] and [8.2.2]
tamed animals will no longer attack the player
tamed bears can be commanded to sit with the whip
fixed invisible kittybeds

[8.1.2] and [8.2.1]
-fixed bug where ghost big cats will revert to normal cats after reloading game
-fixed bug where amulets will disappear from tamed big cats
-fixed bug with wyvern lair spawnings (the default mocreatures and customspawner .cfg files need to be erased for the fix to take place)
-tigers and leopards now show chests
-added more big cat hybrids (thanks to Cybercat5555): Leoger (between leopard and tiger), Panthger (between Panther and tiger), liard (between male lion and leopard) and lither (between panther and male lion)

-BigCat overhaul, split the bigcats into their own categories: lions, tigers, panthers, leopards
-added Manticores
-split stingRays and MantaRays
-BigCats can be tamed by giving pork or raw fish to a cub
-big cats can mate by giving them pork or raw fish and keeping them in an enclosed space
-white lions and white tigers are a rare spawn with a 1/20 chance
-ligers are obtained by breeding a male lion with a Tiger
-there is a hybrid between panther and regular leopards
-giving a dark essence to a panther gives it wings
-giving a light essence to a male lion, white male lion or liger will give it wings
-Manticores are a new mob, red manticores are found in the Nether, blue manticores in snowy biomes and dark and green manticores elsewhere
-Manticores can drop an egg, that can be hatched to obtain a pet manticore. Pet manticores can be ridden once they turn into adults
-There are ghost versions of the big cats that can be obtained randomly when a tamed big cat dies
-winged big cats, ghost big cats, hybrid big cats and manticore pets are sterile (they can't breed)

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