MK's Juicebar

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MK's Juicebar is a food-and-drink mod that adds 16+ new food items, called Juices, to Minecraft. These Juices are like little potions, with shorter duration and more limited effects, but they can be crafted using only vanilla Overworld resources. It aims to provide access to potion effects without going to the Nether or adding any new resources requiring a change to world generation. As such, the mod is compact and modular, and can be plugged into any modpack or existing world without altering what you've already got.

MK's Juicebar adds to Minecraft:

  • 17 new foods, each with a useful, low-level effect.
  • A new block, called the Crucible, which can cook glass without consuming fuel.
  • New aesthetic glass blocks and panes modelled after classic pop bottles.
  • A new armour material, Drinkmetal, that bridges the gap between iron and diamond, as well as providing a new, extra-durable bow item.

MK's Juicebar is regularly updated, with an eye towards adding a full suite of features and built-in integration for many of the largest and most popular mods. Check back regularly to see what I've added!

MK's Juicebar is available for Minecraft 1.16.5 and 1.18 on Forge. A Fabric version may become available when and if I learn how to port mods to Fabric and have the time to do so.  Please feel free to contact me with bug reports if you encounter any issues; my ability to quality-test my mods is limited as a solo developer, so bug reports are always handy.


Special thank yous to:

  • Kaupenjoe, vectorwing, and diesieben07, for indirectly teaching me how to mod Minecraft via tutorials, forum threads, and open-source repositories. Though I have never spoken to any of you, you all have been a big part of my daily work these last few weeks.
  • GRUULBBY, for being an excellent sounding board and tireless moral support.


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