Archers' Arsenal

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Archers' Arsenal depends on the Knightcore library.


Archers' Arsenal, formerly MK Bowery, is a focused expansion to the archery system of Minecraft that attempts to make archery more competitive in modded Minecraft, where boss difficulty can be far higher than vanilla. It also attempts to make farming for Infinity less of a pain, by providing cheaper arrow options as well as high-level bows with built-in enchantments.

Archers' Arsenal adds:

  • A Leather Bow
  • An Iron Bow
  • A Golden Bow (with built-in Infinity)
  • A Diamond Bow
  • A Netherite Bow
  • Villager Arrows (cheaper and weaker)
  • Barbed Arrows (more expensive and stronger)
  • A Quiver (Has a 50% chance to save your arrows when held in the off-hand)

All recipes are available on JEI and follow fairly predictable bow patterns.

Special thanks to GRUULBBY, Kaupenjoe, Vazkii, and wildcard_gamer.




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