Mixer Interactive Minecraft

18,197 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2   +1

 Mixer + Minecraft


Streaming is a new way to play Minecraft

Now viewers can fully participate in your Minecraft stream. Summon zombies, gift weapons, place objects, or just make night fall. For every Minecraft command, you can create an interactive button and let your viewers loose to help, challenge, or just build along with you. And with Mixer’s Faster Than Light streaming protocol, you’ll be able to watch and play with less than a second of latency. Work together, invent minigames, or enjoy hilarious chaos – it’s all up to you. Start building today!

  • Stream Minecraft on Mixer and let viewers play along in real time
  • Any Minecraft command (yes, even custom commands from your favorite mods) can be turned into an interactive button on Mixer
  • Share your interactive projects with other streamers to play in their Minecraft worlds

Be sure to grab the Mixer Interactive Lib as well as it's necessary for this mod to work!

Learn more at: https://aka.ms/mixer-in-minecraft


Example of Mixer Interactive Minecraft