Mixer Interactive Lib

17,503 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2   +1

Mixer + Minecraft


Streaming is a new way to play Minecraft

Now Minecraft Java Edition mod makers can bring Mixer's Interactivity to their content creations. Add functionality that further enhances your creations, enabling totally new experiences for players when they stream on Mixer. With an easy to use library, you can add custom interactive features to your mods. The possibilities are endless! And with Mixer’s Faster Than Light streaming protocol, viewers of your players will be able to watch and play with less than a second of latency. Work together, invent minigames, or enjoy hilarious chaos – it’s all up to you. Start building today!

  • Craft new and unique functionality to your creations when your users stream Minecraft on Mixer
  • Allow viewers to play along and influence game play in real time
  • Adding interactivity to your creations is simple with this easy to use library

Learn more at: https://aka.ms/mixer-in-minecraft