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Filename MistyWorld-1.12.2-
Uploaded by liahim85
Uploaded Nov 10, 2020
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I decided to make a small update that does not require mental effort to write, namely, decorative and construction. Everything else was too lazy to do, but the decoration is easy... I thought... Naturally, this update did not work out small. But as always...

Before starting, delete the config-file or manually add one more unit to the "skillFactor" parameter, namely, like this:
D: skillFactor <

So! Let's go to the list!
- Added fences, gates, doors and trapdoors for all types of wood
- Fences can be crafted both on the workbench and right in the world by right-clicking on a felled tree branch with two sticks in hand
- Added niobium door and trapdoor
- Added stone bricks, stairs, etc.
- Added masonry block
- Added the ability to create vertical slabs! Yes, now one stone brick can be placed on top of another. At last!
- Added cobblestone and stone brick fences
- Added the ability to get Mined Foggy Stone... and split it!
- Added a stone processing skill corresponding to this action and several new advancements
- In connection with all of the above, the existing structures have been slightly changed
- Added niobium chisel. With its help, you can get a Chiseled Stone, as well as it will make it easy to disassemble composite blocks such as steps, slabs, etc.
- Added a couple of new paintings, and also slightly increased the chance of finding them
- Added some sound events
- Rewritten mechanism of appearance of Nightberry. Now it will be easier to find it...
- In addition, Bitter Pills have been added! Ask in all the old foundations ;)
- And finally, old bugs were fixed, new bugs added

Have a good game )