Misty World

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I'm looking for a person who loves the Misty World and is ready to do music (ambient) and sounds (mobs etc.) :) 


Misty World:

This new dimension that seems quite normal at first glance. However, one detail stands out clearly against the general background. In the distant past, this world something terrible had happened, leaving the world was divided into two parts. One part remained habitable, while the second turned out to be shrouded in a toxic atmosphere deadly to humans. For thousands of years an acrid fog gnawed deep canyons in the earth's crust, at the bottom of which a strange and dangerous life has arisen.

You will to contemplate the seas of the milky haze that enveloped the world, and meet dawns on the lonely islands of life that hold their ground in this long war.

To get to the dimension, you have to pass a small quest. Look into the achievements and, following step by step, you will finally open the portal to the Misty World.


The goal was to create a living, self-developing ecosystem, each element of which has its own life cycle and is closely related to the environment.


  • New dimension (2 in 1)
  • Toxic fog
  • 5 climatic zones, plus a pair of special
  • Realistic tree growth
  • Moisturized and fertilized soil
  • Unusual flora and fauna (WIP)

In the plans:

  • More plants
  • Own mobs
  • Dungeons and other structures


Misty World - Mixed Forest

Mixed Forest


Misty World - Taiga



Misty World - Savanna



Misty World - Swampy Forest

Swampy Forest





  • I draw your attention to the fact that the mod is at the alpha stage. Any element of the modification may change in the future. In order to avoid data loss, I recommend making backup copies of your worlds.
  • There may be conflicts with other mods that add biomes or change the time.
  • Due to the nature of generation and the need to remove large amounts of water, some areas may be loaded for a long time. It is recommended not to turn off the game until the process is complete. Otherwise, the terrain can be generated incorrectly.
  • Recommended allocated RAM 2GB or more.
  • Recommended range of visibility is 12-16 chunks. At smaller distances due to the change in the type of fog, the picture on the screen may not be as beautiful as it was intended )))
  • The picture was not tested with external shaders! Please disconnect them when you first get to know the world )
  • At the moment, there are no own mobs in the world. However, to increase the interest of the game in the survival mode, standard spiders, skeletons, as well as rabbits-killers were added ))) In the future, it is planned to replace all the mobs with their own ones.
  • Also, at the moment there is no food in the world. However, no one canceled fishing! Plus, you can take with you the seeds of crops and farming ))) This will help you to diversify the diet.



Also, you can try mixing different types of soil, humus, sand, gravel or clay and see what happens.


Further there are rigid spoilers!!! If you do not want to spoil the first impression of the world, do not read the text below!

Questions and answers: 


Q. I will receive the achievement "Full Set", but I lost the stones. What to do?

A. Stones can be obtained again, but only during a thunderstorm and with a 1/10 chance.


Q. I can't understand how to build a portal.

A. Read the description of the stones in the inventory.


Q. I received the achievement "The Right Choice!". What should I do next?

A. Congratulations! And I'm sorry ... You have two choices: 1 - go back and try to open the portal in another place at a distance of about 500 blocks from the first. 2 - go back, delete the folder with the world, change the world seed in the configuration file and re-enter the portal.


Q. I do not understand how to accomplish the achievement of "Night Walk".

A. What you are looking for is at the bottom ... Walk along the edge, and sooner or later you will find )


Q. How to accomplish the " One Important Thing" achievement?

A. To open the inventory of the mask, click the right mouse button. But what filter to use you will find out only having received the achievement "More Expensive than Gold " )


Q. I can't create a compost heap.

A. To do this, hold Shift and press the RMB on the block of soil with any biomaterial in hand. However, pay attention to the fact that two or more sides of the heap should be full blocks. As a biomaterial, vegetables, grass, leaves, or compost are suitable.


Q. Judging by the description of the achievements "You Can Live" in the world there are more absorbent?

A. Yeah! But their search I leave on you )))


Q. How do I get saplings of trees?

A. In order to obtain a tree seedling, you need to cut thin branches with leaves. The more leaves on the branch, the higher the chance of sapling.


alpha_c (Simple Food Update):

  • Added Niobium Nugget
  • Added 25 kinds of mushrooms and mycelium blocks
  • Added Campfire, Ash and Pottage
  • Fixed tree multiplication
  • The mechanism of realistic blooming of trees is introduced
  • Added stones on the ground
  • Added Flint and Stone )))
  • The ban on the growth of vanilla trees is made in the configuration file
  • Tall Grass can be grown with Bone Meal
  • The Working Portal Stone can now be obtained
  • Stones and mushrooms can be picked up by right-clicking
  • Saplings and mushrooms can be planted in a flower pot
  • Many other minor fixes

Wait a second... Campfire?!

Yes! The world now has a real working campfire!
To begin with, we need stones... Any stones. It can be ordinary rocks, cobblestone, flint, brick, etc. You can see (and change) the complete list in the configuration file.
Shift + right click on the ground and we have the base of the campfire... Inside, we put some wood. Voila! The Campfire are ready!
But is this all? No!
Near the campfire we can install a stick and put a piece of meat or mushroom on it )
Hmm... Did not you have an Iron Bars?
Put it on top and we have a grill! Right-click to put food on top, Shift + right click to take it.
Did you want something liquid?
This is not a problem, Shift + right click, we remove the grid and put the Cauldron on top!
Pour water and you can safely throw in it all that your heart desires )
Everything is lit up by an ordinary Flint and Steel or Flint and Stone )))
Bon Appetit! 

Misty World - Campfire

alpha_b (Ground Update):

  • Slightly rewritten mechanism of wetting/drying blocks
  • Sand made wettable block
  • Added blocks of red and acidic sand, clay, peat and sapropel (humus analog), as well as the generation of these blocks
  • Generation of swamp and dunes changed
  • Edges of canyons now look smoother
  • Changed the colors of many blocks on the map
  • The map now adequately shows the fog layer
  • The map created above the fog is different from the map created in the fog
  • Added generation of boulders and fallen trees
  • Tons of other minor fixes


Hellow World!

Further development of the mod will be conducted for the latest versions of Minecraft!

Mod Pack Policy:

You have permission to include the Mysty World in any mod pack, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Provide a link to this forum post
  • Properly credit the author, Liahim85
  • You cannot make any money off of the mod pack
  • Remove the mod from your pack if I specifically request it

P.S. I will be pleased to see screenshots of the structures built by you in a Misty World )))


If you want to support the project, just click on the "Donate" button at the top of the page )

Forum: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/2835135-misty-world

Discord (I did it, but I can not respond quickly. Keep in mind): https://discord.gg/9qH4GQu

Also try: SaltyMod

And my new game: 26-PUZZLE !!!



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