Missing Smelting [Obsolete]

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What is this mod?


This mod adds some smelting recipes to some items.

My Other QOL Mod

Missing Craftings, Missing Smithing


Oh no, this mod isn't getting updated so quickly as x other mod. 
Hey there buddy look I don't have the biggest time on hand and I struggle to even understand coding so, please wait till I push one update out.

Q1: Will this be ported to older versions?
A: No. But With exceptions

Q2: Will there be more smelting recipes?
A: Yes, there may be some more.

Q3: Can I suggest a smelting recipe for X items?
A: Yes, you can but make it balanced. Then it may be gonna be added into the mod

Q4: Do the smelting recipes work with JEI (Forge) or REI (Fabric)
A; Yes they do and should. If it doesn't show up then I don't know what went wrong.

Q5: Will I Update it for x Version?
Someday in the Future yes but when I don't know

Q6: Can I use this mod in a modpack?
Yes, you can I won't hunt you just because you didn't ask me for permission. But credit me still please :)

Q7: The mod has conflicts with x mod?
Ok so about that I cant fix that sadly

Q8: Why do you take forever to update this mod to the latest version?
I use MCreator to update the mod. I sadly don't know how to code at all. I am trying to detach myself from that fancy mod helping tool with my try to code. 
I will still use MCreator for the time being. Since that thing takes forever to get the latest version compiler support for Minecraft. I sadly have to wait.


Q:9 What about fabric you didn't update that?
Q8 binds this semi together but in short. Give me time to learn how to code please I have a full time job so i rarely have time.

The mod has a forge and fabric version

For the fabric version, you need Fabric Loader and Fabric API


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