Missing Smelting

2,454 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

What is this mod?


This mod adds some  smelting recipes to some items.

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I wont support Forge so strongly anymore. Why? Because updating and maintaining Fabric and Forge is a pain to do so dont wonder why Fabric gets more Updates than Forge. However i am gonna add some features from Fabric to Forge sometime in the future.


Q1: Will this be ported to older versions?
A: No.

Q2: Will there be more smelting recipes?
A: Yes, there may be some more.

Q3: Can I suggest a smelting recipe for X items?
A: Yes, you can but make it balanced. Then it may be gonna be added into the mod

Q4: Do the smelting recipes work with JEI (Forge) or REI (Fabric)
A; Yes they do and should. If it doesn't show up then I don't know what went wrong.

Q5: Will I Update it for 1.17?
Someday in the Future yes but right now no

The mod has a forge and fabric version

For the fabric version, you need Fabric Loader and Fabric API


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