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Filename MineTweaker3-1.6.4-3.0.9C.jar
Uploaded by stan_hebben
Uploaded Apr 12, 2015
Game Version 1.6.4
Size 935.67 KB
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MD5 2a8632fd1886e759b08355877624a9f4
Supported Minecraft 1.6 Versions


Version 3.0.9C

  • Fixed removed recipe rollback being broken in some rare occurrences
  • Temporarily disabled support for BuildCraft 6.1 . This fixes a crash on startup with BC 6.1

Version 3.0.9B

  • Fixed some wrongs in data matching, causing crashes with onlyWithTag in some cases
  • Fixed a variable check when resolving variables (caused a crash)
  • Fixed multiple saplings with the same ID not working in the Planter
  • Fixed crash when using /mt hand on a dedicated server
  • Fixed crash in /mt recipes in some cases
  • Added a couple missing Harvester functions