Mineral Tracker



Notice: This mod is an highly experimental proof of concept that made it to production.
It is unstable and has since been deprecated, it will no longer be updated or ported.

For 1.18.2+, please see the new mod, Cartography


Don't you enjoy having to set up hundreds of markers on your minimap to keep track of where all the minerals you discovered are and which areas are still unexplored? Me neither.

Mineral Tracker brings a solution by automatically keeping track of everything for you as soon as you pick up an IE Core Sample or TFC metal nugget from the ground.


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 Sampled chunks in JourneyMap

Tracking status in tooltip

TFC Support


TFC: Metallum support


(Geolosys support starting on v0.9.0-alpha)

Geolosys integration


Immersive Engineering!

- Pick up a Core Sample

- If the server has this enabled (it is by default) your sample is tracked as soon as you pick it up.

- Right clicking with a new sample on your hand will track it. [from v0.9.1 onwards]

- Open JourneyMap

- Switch to Topographical view

- Each sampled chunk has now an icon depicting what deposit it has

- Mousing over said icon displays a tooltip with the deposit name

- Supports Immersive Petroleum as well



- Pick up ore nugget from the ground

- Open JourneyMap

- Switch to Topographical View

- There are now markers depicting where you've found nuggets of each type.

- v0.8 is wildly incompatible with v0.7, all previous mineral data will be lost if upgrading.

- Supports TFC: Metallum as of v0.8.1

- As of v0.8.2 you can right click an Athyrium Fern to add a Clay marker to your tracked deposits


Geolosys! (requires v0.9+)

- Right click ore samples

- Open JourneyMap

- Switch to Topographical View

- There are now markers depicting where you've found samples of each type.


Share data with friends!

- use /mineraltracker friends add YOUR_FRIEND to send or accept a friend request. (you can use /mt for short instead of /mineraltracker for all commands)

- when your friend adds you back you'll be able to see all deposits each other is tracking

- requires the mod installed on the server!

- can be disabled in the server config


Known bugs:

- Sometimes you have to switch out and back into Topographic view for icons to display properly. This is JourneyMap being a bit nuts.

- Sometimes tracked TFC nuggets and other labels disappear from the map. This is a JourneyMap bug that will never get fixed.


Supported maps:

- JourneyMap - has (JM-sided) bugs, but it works

- Antique Atlas and Xaero's World Map are planned but offer very poor if any support for this kind of integration.

- Other map mods are no longer considered.