MineFortress RTS

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Always wanted to play Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress in Minecraft? Please welcome MineFortress!


Latest supported version: 1.18.2

Fabric only


About the mod

Mod's website.

The mod turns your Minecraft into RTS. Take the role of a village leader, gather resources, build houses, hire professionals to grow and expand your village and even conquer your neighbors! Forget about the first-person view and control everything with your mouse pointer like in classic RTS games.



The mod adds new Gamemode to the game.

Choose gamemode "Fortress" in the World Creation Menu or use "/gamemode fortress" command while playing.

We don't have any wiki yet, but I have small instruction on how to play the mod in general.


Take a look!



  • Truly RTS-like view. Control everything with your mouse pointer!
  • Resources system. Your pawns will gather resources, and you can spend them to hire more professionals, or to build some houses.
  • Blueprints system. Build your custom buildings and add them to your very own village.
  • Combat system! Hire warriors and go fight with your neighbors!
  • Hunger and mood system. Your pawns have their health stats and in the future will have their mood and character.
  • Multiplayer support! Only one exclusive server for supporters for now. You can try it with LAN.


My plans

A lot of features are planned for the nearest future. Like AI-controlled villages, some competitions and combat system enhancements, resources gathering automation, and many more! I have Trello boards, take a look to see what I am up to:



Resource management and Crafting

Custom blueprints

Professions system

Combats system


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