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This is my first mod made in Mcreator. This mod is not as extensive as Comes Alive but it is version on 1.15.2 and I want to keep developing it. This mod is fully compatible with Carry OnI recommend it for a better experience ^^




What does this mod do:
-the possibility of adopting a baby or try for a baby with your spouse or player


- three stages of growing up (baby, tuddler, child)
- you decide when to change the age group

-take children and spouses with you on adventure or leave them in home. They don't die that easy!

-use many of new decorative blocks. They keep coming with every update!


How it's working:

1. If you want to have a spouse you must have one emerald and give it to villager, he tell you where your love is. Then you must give to your love one marriage ring. If you want your spouse to follow you, give him/her a coffe.

2You give the bottle of milk to villager, player or a spouse and he/she gives you a baby in the cradle in return. 
4. If you want your baby to grow up you have to make a birthday cupcake. Give it to baby and the options with color of hair for toddler will appear. The toddler can wander around the house or follow you.
5.For the toddlers to turn into a children you have to give them another cupcake. Children works just like a toddler but they have inventory whitch you can use and if you want them to follow you, you must give them one candy to special slot in their inventory.






















You can give ideas for decorative toys. If I like the idea or others are interested, toy will be added!


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