Mine Cells  based on Dead Cells by Motion Twin

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Mine Cells is a Minecraft mod that adds content from Dead Cells by Motion Twin.
Visit the wiki for a guide on how to get started and all the info you need!

If you need help with the mod, join the #mim1qs-projects channel on the Luna Pixels Discord Server

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What does this mod add?

Currently, this mod adds:

  • 5 new dimension-dungeons, two of which house new bosses
  • many new mobs
  • lots of new decorative blocks
  • new weapons and spells

Some upcoming features include:

  • more weapons, including bows and shields
  • an in-game guidebook


How do I do ... in Mine Cells?

Questions for older versions should be answered in the wiki! There's a search bar if you need to look something up.

If you have trouble finding the answers, join the Luna Pixel Studios Discord and leave a message in #mim1qs-projects so we can help you out.

All existing crafting recipes are available through mods such as REI.

Forge? Port to old version?

No, I will not make mods for Forge. I am fully commited to being a Fabric mod developer. If you wish to play my mods on Forge, you should check out Sinytra Connector, which should work nearly flawlessly in survival. I probably won't port any of my mods to outdated Minecraft versions, either.

I got lost in one of Mine Cells's dimensions, what can I do?

Use a compass to guide you back to the entrance. Compasses sometimes spawn in chests in the Promenade.

Can I use this mod in my modpack / showcase video?

You can use this mod in your modpacks (as long as they are hosted on either CurseForge or Modrinth) and videos! Asking for consent beforehand is appreciated, but not necessary. I would be grateful if you sent me the video link so I can check it out!

Will you add ... to this mod?

This mod aims to add most of the content from Dead Cells (except the Castlevania DLC) to Minecraft. If it is present in Dead Cells, it'll probably be added to this mod, sooner or later. Some unique tweaks and additions were made in order to make the content work in the environment of Minecraft without straying too far from the source material.

Is this mod compatible with ...?

This mod should be compatible with most other mods. There might be some bugs that make it crash when other mods are present, but I'm trying to remove them as soon as they're known. If you encounter such a bug make sure to create an issue on Github or ask for help on the Discord server linked above!

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