Mine Souls

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Mine Souls is a mod, inspired by the game Dark Souls. It add's a HUD design that mimics that of Dark Souls, and tweaks combat and controls to be similar to that of a Souls game (not exactly though since Minecraft is fundamentally not built for it).


Mine Souls is in early days and is not balanced properly. A lot of the mechanics have configurable values and I would encourage you to tweak them as you see fit.


You can use the Mine Souls HUD without the need for the server to have the MineSouls mod, but the combat/controls changes will be disabled.


This mod requires Java 8.

Combat/Controls differences from Vanilla 1.9+

 Attack changes

  • You can ONLY attack when your 'attack bar' is full.
  • If you are using a sword and hold down 'left click', you will automatically swing at enemies in range when your attack bar is full.
  • If you are using a sword, you cannot mine anything that takes time to break with the exception of vanilla cobwebs (due to above).

Shield Changes

  • You are no longer slowed while blocking with a shield and you can sprint while blocking.
  • Blocking is more effective but costs endurance (see below)

New 'Stamina' stat.

  • Moving/jumping/attacking/blocking all drain stamina.
  • When stamina is empty, it takes a moment before it will start recharging. You cannot sprint and blocking is ineffective.
  • Stamina will recharge with time. Blocking or starving slows this considerably.
  • Blocking with a shield will absorb all 'blockable' damage, at the cost of stamina. If an attack drains more than your endurance can absorb you will still take the remainder in damage.

New 'Poise' stat.

  • Max poise is a function of your total armor value.
  • Every time you take damage, you lose poise. The amount is dependent on the strength and type of attack.
  • When your poise bar is empty you will become 'staggered'
  • Poise returns to full when you haven't taken damage for a few seconds.


  • Press the dodge key ('R' by default but can be configured in the controls menu) to begin a 'dodge' move.
  • The player will quickly move in the current held direction for a short period of time at the cost of a large chunk of stamina.
  • While dodging you cannot attack/jump/sneak or change direction, but are immune to any 'blockable' damage.

'Staggered' state

  • When staggered you cannot sprint or attack and will take additional damage from enemies. (this is bad, try to avoid)
  • The duration of stagger is dependant on the last amount of damage you took (with minimum and maximum thresholds).
  • Once the staggered state ends, your poise returns to full.

Food changes

  • Eating food will now instantly heal you by the number of 'hunger points' given.
  • Food can now be eaten whenever your health is less than max
  • Taking 'blockable' damage while part-way through eating food will cancel eating.


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