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Description will be updated Soon™


Features as for version 0.4.2: (List need update for current versions) Some items may not be available on some versions

  • Ability to right click to harvest crops (Cocoa Beans, Melons and Pumpkins included along with Beetroots, Potatoes, Carrots and Wheat)
  • Crop Dongles (When right clicked on the plant mentioned above they have extra chances to drop even more) It also works as a "Scythe" since version 0.3.7
  • Watering Dongle (Like a watering can, makes crops grow faster, including cactus and sugarcanes and all the mentioned above)
  • Starting Inventory (Allows you to define items a player will start a world with)
  • Sponge Dongle (It sucks)
  • The Crop Dongles can plant seeds in a 3x3 area at once
  • The Crop Dongles can be used as a shovel
  • Right Click functionality and the Crop Dongle should work on Crops from other Mods
  • Spongle can now suck water when placed on the world in a 5 radius around it. It will become a Wet Spongle
  • Wet Sponge - Placed on the world, can convert Cobblestone, Cobblestone Walls and Stone Bricks into Mossy Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone Walls and Mossy Stone Bricks
  • MLG Horn (Play MLG Horn ingame when pressing 'L') (Apparently wont play to other players on a server as for now)
  • Sad Trombone (Play Sad Trombone when pressing 'K') (Apparently wont play to other players on a server as for now)
  • Compressed Mobs Drops. As for now Rotten Flesh, Gunpowder, String, Spider Eye, Slimeballs and Bones.
  • Pickappa (A Stone level Pickaxe with insane durability and delete cobblestone feature)
  • Void Dongle Can (A dev/null/ type of item that has 9 inventory slots and will delete those items when in inventory)
  • Dirt Dongle (Cleans a 51x25x51 Area)
  • Elixir that cures the player when poisoned



The ability to right click to harvest crops is enabled by default. This function means that you get the drops from the crop, and the crop remains planted and it's set back to age 0. It works on all Vanilla crops and should also work on any modded crop that extends the BlockCrops from Minecraft and fully grown age is 7 (Some mods may work different, waiting on Issues report to work around and fix them if possible)


Crop Dongles are also enabled by default. They are "dongles" that allows you to right click on crops to harvest them (Yes I know you can do this with empty hand) but, it has an extra. Crop Dongles can be crafted from Sticks, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond. The better the tool, the higher chances for extra crops you have.

Now the Crop Dongles are also Shovels. You can use them to break block same way you would do with shovels. (Bug spotted, I will leave it as a feature, when breaking snow layer, you wont get snowballs)

New feature on the Crop Dongles. Sneak + Right Click on Grass with turn it into a Grass Path, just like shovels.

Crop Dongles can now be used to plant seeds with 1 click in a 3x3 area (Sneak + Right Click on Farmland). You must have the seeds to plant in the slot to the right from the Crop Dongle (Work with Wheat Seeds, Beetroot Seeds, Carrots and Potatoes)


Crop Dongles can be repaired on Anvils.


Starting Inventory is what it sounds like, it let you config a list of Items/Block that a player will start in the world with.


Watering Dongle. A watering can that will make plants grow faster.


Sponge Dongles. It sucks Water and/or Lava. The radius of effectiveness can be configured.


MLG Horn - You can press L ingame and the MLG Horn will play (Can change Key on the Controls config)


And that's it for now. More to come on the Future.

Hope you enjoy the Mod, any feedback is welcome.


Want to use this Mod on a ModPack? Read the Custom License.


MOD SPOTLIGHT (Thanks a lot for the review MechRandom) PS: The glitch wasn't a glitch, it's a feature :)




NOTE: As for version 0.1.3 and above, I recommend that if you using Pams HarvestCraft or EnderCore. Disable the Right Click functionality on both of those mods, and let Mike Dongle handle it. That way you get extra crops using the Crop Dongles.

(If you looking for compatibility with other mods, let me know)


Planned features:

  • Add an option to give players a reward item/block each time an achievement is completed.