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Merchant Markers [Fabric]

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This is the Fabric version of the mod, if you're looking for Forge click here.


Have you ever forgotten what different villager professions look like?  Ever wanted to be able to quickly find specific merchants in your home village?

Merchant Markers makes it easier than ever.


This mod will add custom markers above villagers to make them stand out and be easier to find than ever.  There are several customization options, and the mod is built with modpacks in mind.  Modded villagers are fully supported, and it even integrates with Xaero minimap for a much more cohesive experience!


This mod requires Iceberg, you can download it here.  It also requires Forge Config API Port, you can download it here.


Client / Server

This mod is fully client-side.



The configuration file for the mod includes lots of different options for getting the markers to display just how you like.  There are options for whether markers should show through walls, if an arrow icon should show under the markers, and the maximum distance away from villagers that markers should be visible.  There are also four different options for the types of icons to display:

  • Custom - The default hand-drawn custom icons for each profession.  (New ones for modded professions can be added via resource packs)

    Custom icons are supported via resource packs or mods, you just need to name the PNG file the same as the profession name (for example armorer.png) and then put it in "assets/merchantmarkers/textures/entity/villager/markers/".  Note that the profession name needs to match whatever the mod calls that profession internally, so if you make an image and it doesn't work you may need to contact that mod's author or check the source code to see what the icon should be named.


  • Items - Uses an item icon for an item associated with the profession.  For example, shows an iron chestplate for armorers, etc.  The associated items can also be reconfigured.
  • Jobs - Shows the texture of the job block used for the profession.  These can't be changed but should automatically support modded professions.
  • Generic - Shows the same generic "merchant" icon for all villagers with a profession.  (This icon can be changed via resource packs.)

There is also a profession blacklist, which contains "none" and "nitwit" by default so that only villagers with trades have markers.  Finally, there are five different options for the icon "overlay", which is a smaller icon that is shown in the lower right corner of the marker: Backpack, emerald, coin stack, bag, or none. 



This mod should fully support modded villager professions, including custom icons when provided with resource packs.  It also supports displaying markers on Xaero's Minimap, FTB Chunks, and JourneyMap in place of standard villager head icons.


You are free to use this mod in modpacks.


Problems, feature request, something else?  Join us on Discord!