Mend Trend - Make Mending available

815 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 21, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.2

This mod is for Fabric, not Forge, modloader.


A small mod to force the Mending Enchantment to be available at the regular enchanting table. 


May cause the Mending Enchanted Books to appear at a different distribution when fishing or opening loot chests.



In vanilla Minecraft, the Mending enchantment is only available as an enchanted book from trading with villagers, retrieving treasure from fishing, and from loot chests.


Oh, that's lame.

I know, right? Mending is like, my favorite enchantment.


Won't that make it too easy to get? Like isn't it unbalanced?

Uhhhhhh maybe.


But why?

Maybe you have a skyblock save and want mending or something. Flat world with no structures, idk.

Now you can get Mending anyway!




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