Meldexun's Crystalic Void

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I am NOT working on this mod anymore. Please do NOT ask for updates.

Instead you should take a look at the mod Chocolate Quest Repoured.


About Meldexun's Crystalic Void

Adds ores, mobs, dungeons and more to fulfil all your adventure dreams. Includes a dungeon spawning system so everyone can create and spawn his own dungeons.



  • dungeon spawning system (You can create your own dungeons. Check out the Wiki for more information)
  • 1 dungeon and 1 entity
  • Crystallium Ore, Armor, Tools, Sword (Full set grants Speed and Jump Boost 2)
  • Hellfire Ore, Armor, Tools, Sword (Full set grants Fire Resistance)
  • Emerald Armor/Tools (Full set grants Haste)
  • Iron Bow (a bit faster and more durable)
  • Iron Shield (more durable)
  • almost everything configurable through Config File



  • Redistributing my mods on other sites isn't allowed.
  • Using my mods in modpacks/videos is allowed but you have to link the curseforge page